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Marine Asset Tracker (MAT)

Marine Asset Tracker Marine Asset Tracker

Pole Star's Marine Asset Tracker system (MAT) is a reliable satellite tracking transceiver linked to a powerful and flexible "pay as you go" web-based service. The system enables the workboat operator to monitor the safe passage of their powered vessels and towed unpowered barges through adverse weather and sea conditions or through high security risk areas.

Designed for the offshore operator to monitor the safe passages and security of their vessels and to allow the operators to maintain and improve operational efficiency.


Marine Asset Tracker

Key features include:

  • Variable position reporting frequency set by user
  • Poll vessel to receive immediate position report
  • See l margin-left: 5pt;atest position report data
  • View vessel on C-Map charts with zoom and pan functionality
  • Weather forecasting
  • Geo-zoning capability sends modification when vessel moves across a user-defined boundary


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