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Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

Security Alert Advanced Service (SSAS)

Alert Advanced is designed for third party technical managers and in-house technical departments who are responsible for SSAS systems. Alert Advanced offers a unique facility integrating third party hardware allowing the CSO to manage different SSAS equipment with a single management service.

Alert Advanced enables you to:

  • Manage fleet security using a proven and reliable Ship Security Alert System
  • Keep information secure by limiting access to the system to authorised parties via secure logins
  • Control distribution of data to designated recipients
  • Have choice of alert message delivery methods - email, fax, SMS, telex
  • Know if the equipment has been tampered with
  • Receive warning report of low battery voltage
  • Install Pole Star's dedicated DSAS hardware or integrate other manufacturers' SSAS units, so that security management for the entire fleet is on one system


Increased piracy attacks and the growing threat of terrorist incidents have focused attention on the need for a reliable ship security alert system. Proven in service, Pole Star's SOLAS XI-2/6 compliant system has robust features including an integral battery back-up to further improve reliability. So if the worst happens and all other communication is lost, your vessel will keep reporting.

Hardware Options

Pole Star DSAS

A self-contained unit consisting of an integrated Inmarsat D+/GPS transceiver, power management unit and back-up batteries, linked to two separate external alert buttons.


Third party equipment

Responding to industry demand, Pole Star can now integrate your existing SSAS on-board hardware (e.g. Nera, JRC, Thrane & Thrane), so you can manage your fleet on our Alert Advanced system.


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