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Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys (PPCS)

For Pre-Purchase and Condition Surveys we enter, inspect and report on all areas of the vessel. Depending on the type and condition of the cargo, we will endeavour to enter cargo holds, tanks, void spaces, ballast and peak tanks when it is considered safe to do so.

A preliminary report, following these surveys or inspections, will be sent to the clients, via email, as soon as possible. The first report will be preliminary and will be marked accordingly. Full reports do take longer but are sent to the clients soon after the inspection.

We prefer to quote on a "Lumpsum" basis so that our clients are aware of the approximate cost of the inspection before making the appointment, ie. no nasty surprises. Launches will always be charged extra at cost.

With OPL survey off Singapore, the launch will cost about USD 1,400-1,600 depending how far out they are anchored. We require 6-8 hours on board (which depends on how co-operative the Master is and whether copying of information is allowed) plus the travelling time. It is cheaper to keep the launch alongside.

Our lumpsum fee includes the following:

  1. Inspection time on board the vessel.
  2. Approximately 200-250 digital photos emailed asap after completion of survey.
  3. Full survey report send by email. Any essential attachments will be scanned.
  4. Communication costs - telephone, emails, stationary, facsimiles and photocopying.
  5. One hard copy report with photo disk will be couriered by UPS.

Also included in our quotation:

Travel: Discounted economy class air fares, launches and local transportation.

Accomodation: Bed and board, if required.

Courier service: A hard copy report is couriered with UPS.

Unforeseen delays, maybe due to berthing cancellation, weather conditions, other reasons causing retention of our consultant / surveryor, will be notified to our client as soon as possible and a nominal charge of USD 300 per day will be made to cover his additional hotel and board, bearing in mind that his next appointment may be compromised.

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